Custom Data Services

The content you need now --
with custom parsing, tagging and data aggregation services.

Save time and increase accuracy with DegreeData custom service
DegreeData aggregation services extend beyond the academic catalog. By drawing on federal, state, accreditation and association resources, the experts at DegreeData to find and acquire the content you need. Custom meta-tagging and highly granular parsing can be developed for your project.

The following are some samples of how DegreeData customer data services can work for you:

Cross-referenced Competencies

DegreeData can focus aggregation on a single area of study. See how collecting outcomes for just one area of study, Cybersecurity, can be faster and more reliable with DegreeData.

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Credentials at Scale
If your mission includes creating learning artifacts, DegreeData can provide foundational information at a state, system or regional level. See how 11,000 programs at the community colleges in California were parsed, tagged and linked. See data sample >
Custom Content
When the US Dept of Labor awarded a grant to the American Association of Community Colleges to build the Virtual Career Network (VCN), that organization came to DegreeData to initially populate all the health care program data at over 2,000 colleges.

Your Brand, Our Data

DegreeData welcomes partnerships.
DegreeData stands ready to support your website, project or product development with real-time feeds from our fully documented API. Licensed information is available to web content providers and site owners. If you are a state or federal contractor, DegreeData’s accurate content is available now and continually updated. Deliver your project on time by relying on DegreeData’s aggregating services for special projects or simply license the data you need today.

Please email us to talk about how we can support your project and brand.

DegreeData for Employers

Are you offering the right training to the right personnel? DegreeData can help you find competencies to build on in existing teams and identify deeper qualifications from applicants. By back-mining required courses and outcomes from academic programs, DegreeData provides insight to talents you may not know that your team has.

DegreeData works with ATS and Resume Parsing software. In fact, a recent project demonstrates that when program outcomes information is not explicit, course titles can provide valuable insight into skills—even when the staffer or applicant did not complete the academic program.

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